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I’ve been delighted to find Linked Software’s Membership Management System. Having used a very expensive program in the past, I wondered what the catch could be — the price couldn’t be real! But after playing with the demo downloaded from the web site, then talking to someone at the company, I was persuaded that it would do everything I needed to manage donors, gifts, pledges, events, etc. What I’ve especially appreciated is Linked Software is so responsive when I do have questions, or, for example, when I needed to reinstall after a hard drive problem with my computer last year. I highly recommend the program, which is very easy to use, very user-friendly – a good one for small nonprofits who are really just beginning to manage their mailing list more aggressively in fundraising terms, but powerful enough to take care of them years later when they have grown much larger. Holli Emore – Fundraising Consultant – South Carolina

MMS is FAR simpler, quicker, and a much better fit overall. I’m light years ahead of where I was last year. We have approximately 2000 persons on our database – former athletes, college staff, friends of OC athletics, etc. We receive approximately $60,000 annually in gifts/donations. Currently we’re in the midst of a campaign to raise our portfolio to over $1 million in investments. Your software will be a great help to us in this endeavor. This is the busiest time of year for me with a social and fundraiser, golf outing, and homecoming banquet/program all within a two week period. I’m the only employee, and I’m part-time at that. But, thanks to your software, I’m tracking the names, addresses, multiple telephone numbers, e-mail addresses with ease while also assigning profiles, entering contributions, registration fees, etc. AND I’m caught up on all the acknowledgments. In fact, when persons pay their golf registration, by using the “message” I can even list who is in their foursome on their contribution report. For the last 2 years I’d been trying to track this information using Microsoft Access and following up with acknowledgments using Microsoft Word. MMS is FAR simpler, quicker, and a much better fit overall. I’m light years ahead of where I was last year. At the last board meeting I gave all the board members a copy of their lifetime contribution report to our organization, using MMS. They were very impressed and I suspect it was the first time some, if not all, of them had received this type of information from our organization.
So here’s a hearty Ohio thank you for making your terrific software system available, via the Internet, at a very reasonable cost, and providing such clear and complete on-line instruction. Rebekah Carlisle – Alumni Association – Ohio

I just had to write and let you know what a happy customer I am! I’m writing to send some praise for your software MMS5!! Since I purchased it this morning, I’ve spent the day entering my 200+ members (imported from an ASCII file), entering my 20 events from the past year, and setting up all sorts of search criteria, profiles, and formats for mailing labels. I couldn’t be happier with all of the features so I just had to write and let you know what a happy customer I am!! Janet Deery – Animal Awareness Association – Maryland

I have been in Rotary over 40 years…MMS far outshines any other program that I have seen.
I have been using MMS for my Rotary Club for over 2 years and find it very user friendly and very inexpensive. You don’t have to make a call, leave your number for a call back in two (2) days or more. You can e-mail a problem and have it fixed immediately. If you can’t solve the problem yourself, you can e-mail your disk and get your problem fixed. Rotary has many projects that can be maintained in MMS and not interfere with the main program. Before MMS came along, I had to maintain these extra programs on spread sheets. I now use MMS to satisfy all my needs. In fact, my club has 3 different programs on MMS. It is absolutely wonderful. I have been in Rotary over 40 years. I have maintained the attendance records, Paul Harris contributions with other software programs and find MMS very user friendly. I am a Past District Governor of District 6200 and I highly recommend MMS. I used another program for some time and recommended it, but MMS far outshines any other program that I have seen. A. Harold Mires, CPA – Past District Governor 1991-1992 – Rotary International – D 6200 – Louisiana

…[T]he combination of flexibility, power, and price that I found in MMS was unbeatable
I did a lot of research to find membership management software that would meet the numerous and unique requirements of our organization, and the combination of flexibility, power, and price that I found in MMS was unbeatable. To top it off, support has always been prompt and generous. I was pretty impressed with the import facility on MMS. I had to do a second pass because I didn’t get the ZIP codes right the first time, and using the tax map records as an alternate ID made it a breeze. Rich Masse – Community Foundation – New Hampshire

I HAVE NOT HAD ONE PROBLEM WITH THIS SOFTWARE! I started using this software when I became treasurer of our Rotary club in 1992. I keep up with member payments and billings and send quarterly statement for dues (which it automatically calculates). Since then our secretary has started using it to track meeting attendance. I also use it in my job with The Arc of Mississippi where I use it for a database for about 700 names. I use the profiles to keep up with parents, professionals, advocates with disabilities, and certain grant categories.
I HAVE NEVER HAD ONE PROBLEM WITH THIS SOFTWARE. I have made errors and Linked Software has always efficiently and graciously helped me through them. I would not be able do the quality of work and have the accuracy I need with these two distinct uses without this product. Mike Montgomery – Nonprofit and Rotary Club – Mississippi

We are the most efficient that we have been in years in sending out mailings, tracking contributions and following up with thank you’s.
I have really enjoyed working with this program for our fraternity and am constantly using more and more features. We just completed our first mailing campaign using MMS and we are the most efficient that we have been in years in sending out mailings, tracking contributions and following up with thank yous. The next step is to work with the e-mail features so we can link what we are doing with MMS with our Alumni.I have worked with maintaining our fraternity chapter’s address, database and contribution information for the past several years and your product, MMS, offers everything we could ask for and more (and I have evaluated every membership software application demo and shareware product out there.) MMS offers just the right amount of flexibility to customize it to fit our exact needs. If you are not already marketing this product to Fraternities and Sororities I suggest you target them as it is what they are looking for. Wendell Bouwman – Fraternity Alumni Association – South Dakota

We needed a program that would…be able to bill our membership as individuals at one rate, and husband and wife at another…the help received from Linked Software makes shaping this program for your particular needs a cinch. My organization has used this software for the past six years. In the first two years we had only scratched the surface of what this program would do for us.”
We are an ethnic organization of approximately 1100 members. We needed a program that would not only keep a complete profile of each member, but also be able to bill our membership as individuals at one rate, and husband and wife at another. This at first created a problem for us, but the help received from Linked Software makes shaping this program for your particular needs a cinch.
There are many other uses available to you if needed. I can see the possibilities of many different companies and organizations finding a use for this software. Paul Connolly – Ethnic Association – Maine

Prior to MMS, we were not able to keep good records of who had paid what, and, therefore, could only send out generic reminders requesting payments. With MMS, our records are accurate
I started using MMS for Windows about the first of 1998 to support our property owners association. We have about 750 households; we ask for two different contributions – one for the Dues and one for the Patrol Service. Prior to MMS, we were not able to keep good records of who had paid what, and, therefore, could only send out generic reminders requesting payments.
With MMS, our records are accurate. We post each type contribution to a different fund. We are able to generate letters geared to payment history to solicit additional contributions. For example, we can use selection logic to determine which households have paid Dues, but not Patrol, and then generate a letter acknowledging the Dues payment and requesting a Patrol payment. We can generate multiple permutations of solicitation letters with very little effort. A fundamental capability we now have is to keep track of resident’s names. In the past, correspondence was sent to ‘Resident’, which is aggravating to some people. Now, we keep track of names and are gathering data to enable us to publish a directory. John M Davis, Jr – Property Owners Association – Louisiana

Overall, everyone liked the transition from cards to computer, even those who hate computers. It was quick, easy and efficient. Long gone are the days of looking through 32 pages of member information and stacks of cards. Easy to Use…..Training was not difficult and after a few tries, everybody felt very comfortable and was an expert. The Emergency Information is very important to us and everybody loved it. Most importantly the customer service was great! We are very happy with our purchase and feel that our ongoing support needs will exceed our expectations. Opening weekend was busy with 500 – 600 members attending..and fun was had by all. — Sarah Linehan – Belair Bath and Tennis Club – Maryland

I am grateful for the morning (I think in 1999) when I came across your information on the Internet. You haven’t heard from me, because I am very pleased with my Linked Software. In an effort to economize, the International Office has asked me to also do their bulk mailings. This means they don’t have to pay a preparer to do these. At the moment I have 23,505 names in my database with about 150 master profile names (mailings).
I mail newsletter and banquet flyers for each staff person in the ministry, and am pleased at how well it works with PitneyBowes SmartMailer. Doris High – Transport for Christ – Pennsylvania

This software is amazing!! I lost track of the amount of time I spent on the Internet searching for and evaluating Membership Management software. I actually purchased another product. The hype for that program made it sound like it would be exactly what I needed. But alas the setup was so complicated I was never able to get the program up and running. So I started searching again. Then I found “MMS”.
The Profile feature is unique. It is a highly effective way to store every attribute of a member in one list on one screen. The Profile list is totally user defined and there is no limit to the number of items the list can contain. The user creates the list to include every possible attribute any member could conceivably have (type of membership, committee participation, office held, county of residence, etc.). After the attributes have been assigned to a member the information can be viewed on either the Profile screen or my favorite, the Summary screen. All of the information formally stored in numerous documents in the member�s file folder is now available by clicking on the Summary button. Not only did the capabilities and pricing appeal to me, the support and helpful information I received prior to purchase were superior. I am a professional software support technician and as such have high expectations for other support professionals. Linked Software has provided customer support beyond my highest expectations. The response time to queries and suggestions is always unbelievably positive and quick. Linked Software is dedicated to the program and their customers.   We have experienced significant time saving and payback through increased ease of record keeping. MMS has provided us with tools that provide a new level of monitoring, reporting and control. I highly recommend this program to anyone looking for Membership Management software. It is user friendly, comprehensive, and very affordable. None of the other programs compare to MMS. Linda Quattlebaum – California State Horsemen’s Assoc – California

To be honest it’s been a life saver! We use the software for our subscriber database � I enter their names and payment details and when their subscription runs out so the billing side of things will automatically generate a re-subscribe letter, when we send out the magazines I just print out an envelope label which puts on our logo, their name and address onto an A4 piece of paper and seal it in a plastic bag and send it’s fantastic and saves me a huge amount of time, the system also allows me to send out mass emails to our subscribers if we have a promotion going on. It took a few days to set it up but now it takes me less than 10 minutes each morning to enter in new subscribers to the database � to be honest it�s been a life saver! Lisa Willis – Magazine Publisher – New Zealand

My wife has used MMS for her accounting work for a local Rotary Club for about seven years. MMS had been particularly recommended to her owing to its very club-friendly reputation, ease of billing, data entry, etc.
Wish all software was this good. Very sincerely, Bill Hart – Rotary Club – Virginia

In the past few years, I have set up multiple membership organizations data into MMS. I am pleased to report that this has been a pleasant experience that offers many options for different organization’s needs with the most recent option for a Rolodex for each member. Jennifer Bruno – Neighborhood Crime Watch Progam – Florida

Things are going as smooth as silk. The data entry with “Fastadd” (MMS Gold) is about 2.5 times as fast as before. No mouse movement is required. Only three carriage returns per transaction (one revenue code). All can be done with the number pad. We prepare the batches with our return slip then cheque (25 times). Left hand flips the cheques and slips into two piles. Right hand keys the data. When done 25, the batch deposit is printed, the cheques put in an envelope with the printout and off to the bank. Slips are filed with the batch number on an envelope.
Everyone loves it! Thanks so much for your efforts. Peter Jordan – Hospital – Ontario

We chose MMS because it was easy to learn and was cost effective. When our very large Rotary club decided to get new software to track our membership data, we looked at several different programs and companies. We are able to track of our club membership, produce various mailing lists, make committee assignments, track family information and various dates (birthday, induction into the club, etc) and record attendance at club and committee meetings. I am very pleased with the service I have received from Linked Software. Denise Hoxsey – Rotary Club – Missouri

I couldn’t imagine trying to keep track of a club our size (about 160 members) any other way…I believe that it could adapt to any group. If anyone wants to become organized, they should try this system.
It’s been a pleasure working with Linked Software over the past several years. I appreciate the fact that you have continually improved your product as the capabilities of computer systems have changed. I thought that your product was great when it was just a simple DOS version, but now it’s the best. Anyone that works with Windows will enjoy the ease of working with your program. I believe that I have made the most of it, but still I find other uses. I kept track of all meetings and attendance, allowing me to present “recognition” awards to our membership. My basic use was for Kiwanis, which I was Secretary for three years. I’m now the Treasurer for the past three years and I use it for all of the billing and contributions. Recently we published a roster for all of the membership, including pictures, using the reports from the MMS program. I couldn’t imagine trying to keep track of a club our size (about 160 members) any other way. It works well for smaller organizations too. I serve as Secretary/Treasury for a small water association and do all of the billing and record keeping with this system. I believe that it could adapt to any group. If anyone wants to become organized, they should try this system. Ralph J. Kelsay – Kiwanis Club – Ohio

The program has been easy to teach to other people . . . I have been using MMS software for a couple of years. The primary purpose was to track the members contributions for a church with 300 members. I have not had any problems with the software. The program has been easy to teach to other people who need to utilize the information. I have been thoroughly satisfied with the software and this past year purchased it to handle an organization with over 2000 members. Craig Cottrell – Religous Organization – Wisconsin

It is so fast and easy to record members charges and payments. I have used MMS as treasurer of the local 100 member Exchange Club. I like the program very much. It is so fast and easy to record members charges and payments. At the end of the billing cycle the statements and mailing labels can all be printed in far less time than it would take if doing them the old fashioned way. This alone would be enough for me. MMS has many other features which enable the club secretary to maintain attendance records for the club meetings, committee meetings and committee membership records. Linked Software has helped me on several occasions when I needed advice on some procedure that wasn’t quite clear to me. The help was always graciously given. I am very pleased with the program and the Company and recommend it to any one who wants to simplify and speed up their club record keeping. Bill Henderson – Exchange Club – Alabama

Linked Software Offers NFP Membership Program

By David B. Moody, CPA

“I received MMS II (MMS stands for Membership Management System) for Windows from Linked Software thinking that it was an accounting program for NFPs. It wasn’t, though. Rather, it is a membership program for NFPs. But it is a really good one and rates some coverage as well as giving attention to the fact that very few NFP accounting programs offer any such set of features. For membership-driven organizations such as churches, fraternal & civic organizations, associations, chambers of commerce, and many other not-for-profit groups, such a software for membership management can be essential. And it’s often very difficult to find good membership software that doesn’t have some fly-by-night design.”

“MMS II, on the other hand, is a very good example of what such a program should be for the small to medium organization. It uses an underlying relational database to store the data, but it is a self-contained Windows program that installs from two diskettes (four if you install the optional tutorial manual and spell checker). This program tracks all information you would want to track about members of an organization such as the positions they hold, personal information, anniversaries, membership dates, dues/pledges/contributions made/paid/owed, as well as their family’s names. It can also track cash receipts and pledges by fund or project if you so desire. MMS II can have custom fields added to any of its main tables so it can be set up to manage whatever membership related information you need in your organization.”

“The main screen of the program has the standard pull-down menu with a toolbar underneath. The pull-down menu arrangement resembles that of at least a few major entry-level accounting programs (I’ll give you two guesses that begin with Peach and Quick), so it should be pretty easy to learn for users of those software packages.”

“MMS II has a huge arsenal of reports that are broken down into the categories of directories, appointments, contributions, billings, events, custom-down and custom-across. The last two categories are for custom reports that don’t fit into the other categories, although custom reports can be made for any category. It has a simple report generator that lets you insert which fields you want in the columns. The reports can be previewed on-screen prior to printing.”

“This is a well done and very easy-to-understand piece of programming that could be just what you need to flesh out the membership tracking needs for your organization. MMS is appropriate for memberships of up to 30,000 names or more . . .”

“Reprinted by permission ©1999 The CPA Software News, 110 N. Bell, Suite 300, Shawnee, OK 74801 – 800-456-0864”

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