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Buy MMS once and you never have to pay again – no monthly or annual fees, no price based on the number of records you keep. The Free Trial programs are the complete programs; however, you will be restricted to a limit of 30 names in your database until you register them with Linked Software. There is no time limit or a limit on the number of times you can access the program.

Data Conversion: Transferring data from your old software is a snap, in most cases, with the included Import capability of the Linked Software Membership Suite.  Important: All workstations must use the same version.
Instruction Manual: MMS has extensive Help Files in the program, as well as convenient pop-up Tool Tips. In addition, upon purchase, we will email you a copy of the full instruction manual in pdf format.
MMS includes Free Trials of the Membership Management System, the Front Desk and Campaign Management add-on programs and an Upgrade Wizard if you have an earlier version of MMS. Tech Support: As of May 1, 2016 support is no longer available for MMS. Contact us at if you have questions or need the code to unlock a new installation you have previously purchased.

To purchase and register:

  1. Download and install the MMS Free Trial (if you haven’t already).
  2. Purchase by clicking the link below.
  3. Open your MMS program. Click on Help. Select Registration.
  4. Email us the Serial Number given there. Linked Software will email you back the code you need to unlock your installation.

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