Campaign Management

Campaign Management is a no hassle add-on to MMS for managing fund drives. It integrates seamlessly with MMS contributions and pledges. Simply install Campaign Management and start building your campaign teams. Scroll this page for a virtual tour.

campaignsetupCampaign Set Up Window — The Campaign Set Up Window is where you configure your Teams and define targets for member contributions. You can have as many Campaigns as you wish but you will be working with one Campaign at a time. Just follow the numbers. Step (1) create or select a Campaign. Step (2) create or select a Division within the Campaign. Step (3) create or select a Team within the Division. Step (4) assign Callers to the Team. Once you have selected a Caller you can assign potential donors (MMS members) to that individual and set up appointments with the donor. By selecting the appropriate tab you can display the donors assigned to the Campaign, Division, Team or Worker. Corresponding totals will be displayed for the selected members.

campaigntreeCampaign Tree —The Campaign Tree is a powerful tool to let you display your Campaign’s structure. When the tree is first displayed a single line is shown representing the Campaign you are working with. You can then selectively expand the tree to display your area of interest. Click the Expand/Contract button to quickly display or hide the details of your Campaign. Use Drag and Drop to move donors from one Worker to another, Workers (and their donors) from one Team to another and so forth. Likewise you can move Teams from one Division to another. Note that Goals, Gifts and Pledges are displayed on the tree. By double-clicking a line on a tree you can update the information for the line.

campaigndonorupdateDonor Update Window —Since Campaign Management donors are MMS Members all the contribution and pledge reporting in MMS is available in addition to the subjective information which can be entered on the Update Donor form. Evaluation and Ask ranges can be entered to assist the Worker when contacting the Donor. A Donor can be tagged as “Active”, “Follow Up” or “Declined”. These values let you filter your reports to display whichever attribute you choose.

campaignreportReport Selection Window —In addition to the MMS reports the Campaign Management program has its own reports so you can evaluate the progress of your campaign. Simply highlight the report you wish to Print or Preview, select the Campaign and other options and then click the “Printer” button. By selecting “All”, “Active” or “Declined” you can filter your report to contain the respective group of donors. If you wish you can report information for a single Donor instead of a Group. Easy!

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